Whenever I read OMG, I silently sing ITIT!

In my last post I wondered how often people who write LOL have literally done so. I confessed that I don’t use the term because, for me, it would be dishonest when I don’t LOL reading chats, tweets, and email.  However, the conviction that I would feel if I used LOL  when it is not literally true pales in comparison to the guilt that would stab me if I ever typed OMG as a casual exclamation.

I am blessed beyond measure that the vast majority of my friends hold the name of the Lord to be just as sacred as I do.  I praise that precious name that I rarely see those three letters in a way that offends in any text or email. Alas, since I joined the wonderful world of Twitter in November, all too often I see them flow by in my home stream.

I dedicate this post to Charles Monroe and his sweet praise song “Unto Thee O Lord.” I learned it years ago, and now the simple words come back to comfort me each time I read OMG in a tweet.  First, I mentally echo “O my God,” and then I automatically add “I Trust In Thee.”  Sometimes I continue with “Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me!”

And instead of taking offense I offer prayer and praise. OMG is just one more opportunity to do what mankind was created to do: worship and enjoy the Creator whose name is blessed forever! OMG is a cry from my heart to the Savior who died to set me free from the bondage of sin. OMG is an introduction to a song that lifts me to the throne of grace where I find mercy and help in my time of need.

OMG also is my prompt to intercede for the person behind the tweet. Just think of the influence we will have in the spiritual realm, if all of us who do not use OMG frivolously begin to consistently pray for those who do:

OMG! We long for You to touch every heart that banters Your name in a careless acronym.  We want each one to know You and love You so much that it becomes impossible to use Your name without thinking of You.

When I finished the fourth entry in Grammas’ Guide to the Universe, I was looking for a way to move naturally toward a series of posts on prayer, because I believe that talking to God is the secret of successful homemaking.  But then, I was suddenly distracted by a tweet that greatly amused me but didn’t cause me to LOL, and I wrote my previous post. Now I rejoice to see that God has used what I saw as only a distraction to lead me exactly where He wants me to be. Next time I will share the joy I have found in tweeting to the Lord.


7 thoughts on “Whenever I read OMG, I silently sing ITIT!

    • It is one of the “catchiest” songs I know. It is so deep, and true, and yet easy to learn. The echo makes it perfect for children. Perhaps all the little McKelveys with an extra “E” will be singing it when next I see you. Maybe some of those without the extra “E” will sing it too, along with the Turners! Now wouldn’t that delight two of the world’s best grandparents. It would be worth capturing on video.

  1. I never did find the Charles Monroe song, but I think I heard a different version. I hope it’s the right one. Your comment makes me wonder though, because it didn’t seem THAT catchy. I’ll take another listen.

    • Often arrangements do vary for a song from artist to artist. But, Sarah, I listened to some to the music you posted on your Facebook page, and I have to say our tastes in music are not the same. My idea of catchy may not be yours:) It is the echo that I find delightful.

      • Ok, I’m looking online again for the song. I’m finding the lyrics and as I read them, the song is slowly coming back to me, as though I’ve heard it long ago. And if it’s the one I’m thinking of, then yes! I do like it! And yes! It IS catchy! 🙂

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