Tweet at the throne of grace, for the glory of God in cyberspace

I’ve lost count of the many saints from the past and present who contributed to my spiritual growth. I’m glad that the Lord keeps meticulous records, and I hope that somewhere in eternity He will bring them all to my mind, so that I may thank each one face to face.

Certainly A.W. Tozer is first at the top of my list because The Knowledge of the Holy showed me the face of God.  Paul Brand and Phillip Yancey come second because Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and In His Image provided deep lessons about the body of Christ.  K.P. Yohannan enlarged my heart for missions with The Road to Reality and his other books.

However, prayer is the subject most near and dear to my heart, because it is in communion with God that we truly learn of His character, His compassion for His children, and His concern for the lost and dying world. I have a vast collection of books on prayer, and each author contributed something precious to my communication with the Lord. But the works of two authors, Andrew Murray and E.M. Bounds, especially revealed the riches available for me at the throne of grace.

Andrew Murray alone inspired the #AMHTI page in Grammas’ Guide just because his Helps to Intercession is a useful tool. On that page you can find all thirty-one entries appropriately shortened to fit in a tweet, with a link to the full text.  I also posted his introduction to “Helps”.

Grammas’ Twitter Intercession Project (TIP) will begin each day of the month with the appropriately numbered tweet, and follow wherever the Spirit of the Lord leads. If you believe in the power of united prayer, join me in intercession for our world, our nation, our families, and ourselves. Just follow the instructions on Grammas’ #AMHTI page, and in one accord we can all tweet at the throne of grace for the glory of God in cyberspace.

Praise the Lord that prayer is not limited to Twitter or the WorldWideWeb. Our Father hears His children crying out to Him throughout all the material and spiritual realms. If you don’t have a profile on Twitter, and if you seldom use the internet, you can still be part of this TIP. Just get a copy of Helps to Intercession and pray.

And someday perhaps the Lord will show us the fruit of this labor of love.


2 thoughts on “Tweet at the throne of grace, for the glory of God in cyberspace

  1. Melanie, I also have a long list, but two stand out, my childhood paster who helped rescue a 9 year old and a tall thin cantor in a messianic congregation in Charlotte. With twelve words he stripped me bare and exposed who I was to YHWH and his Son. The twelve words are the Sh’ema.

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