Grammas’ Guide to the Universe

Images in the background and header provided by NASA via the Hubble Telescope.

Grammas’ Guide to the Universe is a perpetual reminder that in the harried moments of life we can always reach out to the God who cares. We do not have to ascend to the heavens to bring Christ down: He is ever near us. (Romans 10:6) No matter how mundane our circumstances, we can use them to draw closer to our Lord and learn of Him.  It may seem like standing in front of a clogged toilet is not the time or place for systematic theology, but that may be when we need it the most.

In chapter one of The Knowledge of the HolyA.W. Tozer says that “the man who comes to a right belief about God is relieved of ten thousand temporal problems,” and the goal of  Grammas’ Guide is to echo that liberating truth from our homes into all the world.

Thinking true thoughts about God will not miraculously change our circumstances, but boldly seeking knowledge of the Holy One in everything we do can miraculously adjust our hearts to make it possible for us to rejoice in Him whatever comes our way. (James1:2).

If that is the way you want to live your life, become part of Grammas’ Guide to the Universe.

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