#ACFW Twitter List

Gramma’s Guide to the #ACFW List

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’ve been thinking that it would be a good idea to create a Twitter profile for Grammas’ Guide. I did it at this point only because I discovered that if I put the #acfw list on my profile, I can’t be in it, and my tweets will never be included in the list stream.  So I had to have another place to keep the American Christian Fiction Writers List.

I’ve added this page to GGTTU to give some basic instructions for those who have just started to explore the Twitterverse.

The #ACFW List:

  • If you want to join, tweet both @melaniefyock and @GGTTU. The first one will let me know since I check the profile with my name daily. The second will just make it easier to add you when I am at Grammas’ Guide. If you only tweet @GGTTU I might not see it right away.
  •  If I find you on the ACFW website, I will add you automatically.
  • If you know of any members of ACFW on Twitter be sure to tell them about the list.


  • One of the best features of a Twitter list is that you can subscribe, and it will be duplicated on your profile.
  • Whenever I add members @GGTTU, they will automatically be added to the list on your profile.
  • Once you subscribe, tweets from the ACFW members will automatically go into your home stream whether you follow them or not. But it would be nice of you to follow your fellow ACFW members.
  • If you open the list on your profile and click “Tweets” you will get a stream of tweets exclusively from the people on the list.  It’s an easy way to check in on the ACFW members on Twitter.

Mid-Atlantic Region Members:

  • The Mid-Atlantic Region has a document on their Facebook page to list members on Twitter.
  • If you are from the Mid-Atlantic Region, please go to that document and add your name.
  • You can tweet me to tell me if you are MAR, and let me know if you have added your name to the document.
  • We could add regional lists @GGTTU our main list ever gets too large. We would keep the inclusive one and just make regional lists in addition. That way everyone would be in two lists, but all the lists would be in one place.


  • Now that we have a list to gather in, I hope it won’t be long until we can schedule Tweetchats.   That only means that we would be on Twitter at the same time, using the #acfw hashtag and that our tweets would turn into conversation.
  • If you go to Tweetchat.com and download the app, you can use Tweetchat by entering #acfw in the home page, and then it will automatically add the hashtag to each tweet.
  • Even seasoned chatters forget the hashtag from time to time in the dynamics of a chat, but it is one of the most challenging things for most newbie chatters to remember.
  • I have it saved on my bookmark bar, and I usually have it open in one tab, and Twitter open in another. (Sometimes I have Tweetdeck open too, but that’s a story for another time.)

Chatting from Twitter:

  • The disadvantage of chatting through Twitter is that you must remember the hashtag.
  •  However, the advantage is that you can open a reply to see what the tweeter is responding to. In Tweetchat it doesn’t show.

Practice chatting:

  • If you want to get some practice chatting, follow this link to the #mkbiblechat schedule. You will not just get practice, you will be richly blessed by interacting with some great people.
  •  Or just use the hashtag #tworship at 9:00 PM EST Monday-Friday.  You’ll find some of the same great people in both places.

ACFW chat schedule:

  • It is my hope that some of the experienced and published writers among us will consider leading chats on subjects that would be helpful and interesting to all of us.
  • We might want to have scheduled times for chatting about the different fiction genres. Or maybe published authors could just be available at scheduled times to answer questions. The possibilities are endless.
  • For now I have just planted this seed. I will probably water it from time to time, while I wait for God to give the increase.  If it happens, I will be delighted to add a chatting schedule to this page.

That’s all for now. If I think of something more, I’ll add it to the page. If you think of something to add, please leave a comment below.


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